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"Oh my God. His mouth. It's full of BEES!"


Tonight's viewing:
McMillan and Wife- The Devil You Say 10.23.73.
Satanic cults in San Francisco in the seventies.  The phrase "Blessed Be” gets thrown around a lot.

In Search of... Killer Bees 5.1.77
Terror Out of the Sky 12.26.78.
This double bill of Killer Bees is a fun combination of fact, narrated by Leonard Nimoy, and cheesy overacting on the part of Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Tovah Feldshun with and extra fun dollop of Dan Haggarty, there's a love triangle from Hell.  It's set on the Fourth of July but was originally broadcast the day after Christmas.  Happy Boxing Day!

Nostalgia Warning


There's something amusing about how the NBC Mystery Movie ended up as the CBS late movie.  And something sad about how they're both sort of pop culture footnotes now.  I think I could be quite happy if I kept my tech but didn't bother with any content pre... Oh, 79.  Maybe as late as 84. 
I'd keep the dvds and streaming stuff, I'm about to watch a 1973 episode of McMillan and Wife (s3e2 The Devil, You Say) on Netflix via the Wii right now.
Music wouldn't be too hard with oldies stations on Pandora.
Books would be easiest of them all.  Not only are the original dead tree editions still available, but in keeping with the nostalgia plus tech, I could read Ellery Queen and Doc Savage on my smart phone.

This mood will pass. There'll be a new movie or show that'll catch my attention soon enough... Game of Thrones has a new season coming out in February.

(The McMilland and Wife episode is about a satanic cult in San Francisco in the early seventies... With all that it entails.)


I'm working at a bookstore in a mall, even though it's run by my indie bookstore boss. Apparently, I'm an airplane pilot and I've flown into where ever the mall is. I go to the mall with some friends who are passengers on the flight and when I get to the mall, my old boss tells me she needs me, so I fill in for the duration of the layover. While working at the mall, I somehow lose the piece of paper that serves as a temporary pilot's license- a 3x5 yellow receipt with my information in purple carbon writing. I'm looking for it and my friends walk by the shop and offer me a ride back to the plane in their cab. I have to tell my boss I'm leaving and she ignores me til the last minute, and after she says "OK!" annoyed at my leaving, I run after my friends trying to catch up with them.

And then I woke up.



At their core, the early Fu Manchu novels, to me,  aren't about a power hungry villain, but a vengeful father and husband going after the people he holds responsible for the deaths of his wife and child.  There's a premise that'd make for an awesome series reconceptualization, rather like warren_ellis with the character of Hark in Planetary.

Dark Shadows 3


Well, it's taken four video cassettes to get there, but Barnabas is finally acting like a villain.  I'm not referring to his abusive relationship with Willie, but his kidnapping of Maggie Evans and brainwashing her to believe she's Josette.  It's... creepy .

Dark Shadows 2

Well, Barnabas has his eyes on his primary victim- waitress Maggie Evans. Sort of cool that they haven't mentioned the "V" word yet.
I understand the need for decompression in something that's a daily serial, but some parts seem to move slowly, like the Jason Maguire blackmail b-plot.


It's a townhouse I lived in when in high school. The Legion of Doom, from Superfriends, is there, having a meeting upstairs. The Incredible Hulk has infiltrated the meeting undercover (as himself since they don't know who he is). Someone punches the Hulk through a wall, and the Hulk comes back annoyed but he doesn't pursue a fight. Because he's undercover. He get's put at a small table with Giganta while the rest are at the big table.
Downstairs I'm in the kitchen, looking for something nutritious in the cabinets, but it's all doritos and marshmallow fluff.
There are also small wooden toys, trucks, that are launched from a base by putting your wrist to it and reacting to your pulse.

Then I woke up.
Freaky dream is the only reason I'd be up at quarter to seven on a day without an auction. I'm going back to bed when I'm done posting this.
The Legion of Doom were in their usual uniforms, but they were from Alex Ross's Justice and looked like this Legion_Of_Doom_(Justice)

The wooden toy was like this
Wooden toy image stolen from etsy shop of The Brentwood Bazar, who look like they've got great stuff.

Dark Shadows 1

A friend of mine here in Front Royal recently announced that she'd made the leap and purchased the complete Dark Shadows on dvd during a sale on amazon when it had marked down to $267 (and free shipping!) from nearly $600.
This inspired me to unbox the couple of dozen or so VHS tapes of the series we picked up last summer at the flea market and give them a view, even though we'd recently started watching the series on Hulu.
First, the series is really clear on Hulu, while the tapes are old vhs tapes that we purchased in a field. Given the choice, I'll always chose the lower tech to enjoy.

The title of tape one is formally "The Resurrection of Barnabas Collins" and it's in two parts: one covers the beginning of the show up to Willie Loomis unleashing Barnabas Collins, the second half consists of episodes 211-220, truncated without opening and closing credits into one seamless mass of story, with Barnabas ingratiating himself into the contemporary family in Collinswood and assuming control of the Old House.

Having seen these recently, they were less about story for me and more about just watching the sets and costumes.
My only gripe is that the horror hasn't kicked in as much yet- Barnabas's victim is mostly Willie Loomis and if I'm understanding the "what went before" correctly, this is kind of like Karma for him. Next tape is when he starts taking victims in town, so I'm looking forward to that.



Back in school, high school and it's graduation time.  nothing to signify this but me telling two girls younger than me "I've been working on this for the last thirteen years and it's going to happen."  

Dream- Imaginary things about real people.

I'm moving into a group house and two of the tenants are an author I like and her partner.
One of the other tenants is generic model guy, nice enough, but instead of doing his dishes, he leaves them in a fountain in the front yard.
Author mentions she's going to California for vacation, she has a swimsuit on a hanger that she's taking.
There's a flea market/ auction in her backyard.
Then I woke up.